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Please enter a short name identifying your personal timetable, ie. username, nickname etc. If the name you select is in already taken, choose another one.

To retrieve your timetable simply enter the same identifier you used last time.

Statistics fall 2014

Total number of unique timetables 13600
Total number of unique courses added 1193

Top 12 courses fall 2014

2174 TMA4100
1799 TDT4105
1205 EXPH0004
797 TDT4110
754 TMA4110
743 TDT4120
732 TIØ4258
674 TMA4240
589 EXPH0003
507 TMA4140
458 TKT4122
449 TMA4130

All lecture times and course data have been automatically retrieved from NTNU. This data may not reflect the actual lecture times due to changes or erroneous imports. The service is provided as is, please ensure that the data is correct before relying on it.

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